JMP Verdant’s Public Affairs practice works with individuals and governments to enhance and protect their international reputations through effective and strategic engagement with the media.

Our services include:

Strategy:  We help clients to develop a clear and achievable communications strategy to attain their goals.

Reputation Management:  Surveillance of international media and rapid response engagement and intervention on key messaging as appropriate.

Messaging:  We help clients to express their views strategically to support short and long term goals, and effectively frame the arguments they wish to make in op eds, press releases, interview opportunities and public speeches.

Press and Speaking Opportunities: We draw on our extensive international networks to secure interviews and media engagement opportunities for clients with the world’s most prestigious media outlets. We also help secure invitations for clients to speak at high level events and with renowned institutions.

Speeches and Opinion Articles:  We help clients to produce world class speeches and support drafting of opinion articles for publication in prominent international media.

Tourism and Industry Promotion: When clients have a focus on a particular industry, we work with them to intensively promote their work or offering in that area, penetrating a variety of editorial media sectors. We work with government clients to promote tourism and sustainable energy industries worldwide.

Crisis Management: We support clients during times of crisis, to ensure robust, rapid response media engagement and to prevent unnecessary criticism by maintaining reputational integrity through fact-driven messaging and discussion.